About Us

About Us

Mobile technology and mobile devices are so prevalent today that it totally makes sense to employ these not just to make our lives easier, but keep our families safer as well. Safe’O’Buddy offers just that, injecting GPS technology into a watch that, at the same time, looks cool enough that kids will want to keep them on.

Child safety features such as viewing the child’s location, both present and past, alerts when the child has left or entered a particular zone, or even alerts when the watch has been removed. More than just an app for the watch, it is a complete end to end management tool allowing users to know each other’s location and send broadcast messages.

The Premise

The world is a much different place than it was even 50 years ago. Where older generations may have spent all day outside the house, roaming the city and having adventures. But now with time, many parents are concerned about their kids’ safety or just want to know their whereabouts.

The Product

Children wearing the Safe’O’Buddy GPS watch can have their location tracked and monitored live using the app for up to 24 hours. The bright, colorful watch is designed with children in mind and fits many smaller size wrists that other GPS units won’t.


Security is one of the most important aspects of this care free modern 21 century lifestyle, things can flip around in a matter of seconds only to leave you languishing in a pit of self-pity, worry, and self-torment. Don’t wait until you’re a victim of circumstances.

Therefore, whether it is job security or actual security, people need to feel safe, and their loved ones need to know they are safe too. A parents most prized possession is their child’s or children. Back in the day almost all nannies were trustworthy, and security was better, these days you need more than those charged with protecting you and your family to feel safe.




Serving as an CEO she has been a passionate entrepreneur for more than a decade now. She is a dynamic and proactive statistical professional with excellent analytical skills. She believes, “A person is judged by his action part, not by his words”. Guiding in the planning, designing, implementation, maintenance, and support of the company’s systems, she believes in quality and precision.