5 ways to keep kids safe at home

5 ways to keep kids safe at home

When we read the title, we feel nothing new about it, and kids are anyways safe at home. Yes kids are certainly safest at home, but there are still lot of things at home itself, which can create trouble for children and parents both. On the very first thought, some of the things do not appear to be a trouble, but on second thought we realize that these can be equally troublesome.

First and the most important thing is to keep medicines totally out of reach of children. While I know, most of us will say, that we do keep medicines away. But I will still say, that kids are far smarter than what we think of them. Their medicine is quite tasty, especially paracetamol, and invariably all children are given with this medicine at some of the time in their life. Kids know the ways to reach these medicines; if they are fond of them. And for them, there can be hundreds of ways. If it is in a locked cupboard, make sure, it is in the topmost shelf. Because at times, in a hurry we can forget to lock the cupboard too. Try to keep them at a place, where they do not have access to it, or when they are not around. So, when you get them out, they do not get to know the place. It is the way we do for chocolates and chips. All the mothers have a hidden treasure of chocolates, which they use once in a while, isn’t it?

Second is safeguarding or sealing the kitchen drawers. The kitchen is full of stuff which can be very harmful to children for example knives, forks, and spices. Keep them in a closed cupboard and quite at height. Though it is difficult to practice, but with children, it is important to do this.

The third is the cleaning material. Yes, we don’t pay attention to this, but it is equally hazardous and can be poisonous too. The cleaning material used for sweeping, mopping, and cleaning bathrooms are full of chemicals. Hence again, these should be kept at a place which is totally out of sight and out of mind for the children. I know many children, who have accidentally drunk kerosene, rat killing medicines.

The fourth is door stoppers. Yes, they are essential. Many of you will say, why door stoppers? But yes, even the absence of door stoppers can be extremely dangerous for children. Many times, due to tunnel effect, the doors just shut on their own and that too very fast. If a child is playing near it or around it, he or she can get hurt. So, it is necessary to install door stoppers which can hold the doors tightly.

Fifth is door locks. Nowadays, we use automatic door locks. Children can close these locks on their own. But if there is no one inside the house, they may get trapped inside. At times, these door locks do not open easily. One of my friend’s twins closed their mother outside, and that too in the back balcony. This balcony was not visible to anyone. The children were 2 years old then. Unfortunately, her phone was also inside the house. For 2 hours she struggled to get inside. When the children realized this, they started crying, and the situation became very difficult. A manual lock is definitely a bit of work, but yes, the chances are child’s safety will not be compromised.

Hope these tips help new mommies to keep their children safe. Mommies know best for their kids, but sometimes we learn from each other’s experiences. We will love to hear your experiences as well.