5 reasons why smartwatches for children is a necessity now

5 reasons why smartwatches for children is a necessity now

Times have gone, when children used to play safely in the park, street and outside the house in the verandah. The speed at which outside environment is becoming unsafe is beyond our imagination. There was a time when mothers were sure that the children playing outside the house or in the park are safe. Remember the days, when our mothers were busy in chit chats and we played without any second thoughts. But now, especially in metros or tier 1 town, it has become a dream. While on the one hand, the vast infrastructure has made our lives easy but at the same time the security and safety issues have also increased. Children are the most vulnerable. Yes, they are the ones who are targeted the most. They are weak in physical strength and sometimes too small to understand what is happening around them!

Life is unpredictable, and it has always been unpredictable. A lot of things are happening around us, which were unheard or unthinkable in the 90s or for that matter till 2010. With so much around us, it is extremely important to take measures to keep kids safe. Nowadays many devices are available in the market as kids tracking smartwatches. These smartwatches are quite useful and are a boon for a parent. They are no longer a luxury, but a necessity. I will list 5 reasons why smartwatches are a necessity than a luxury.

1. Smartwatches are GPS enabled watches, hence they provide us with real-time tracking of our children. With advanced technology available, it has become possible to track exact location. If a child is standing near building A, it will show the exact location.

2. Children are busy the entire day. First the school, then after school classes. At times, mothers need to leave the children in the class and they are not allowed to sit there. Hence in this situation, with smartwatches, they can relax, as the child can send SOS messages to his or her parent.

3. The watches are of multipurpose use. Children use them for time, and parents use them for tracking and safety of the children.

4. These smartwatches are completely safe to use. They can only be connected to 3-4 numbers, which are linked to either parent or grandparent or guardian. No one can misuse it, even children cannot misuse it.

5. Last but not least, they are easy to wear and carry also. Many smartwatches are enabled with geofence feature also. So, if the child leaves the geo-fence area, an alert goes to the parent.

Our Safeobuddy watches comes with many more features, like an app which can be accessed by the family or authorized person only. Some of the watches come with fitness features, which are good for teenagers and adults as well. Kids watches are in different colors and are attractive too, so they love to wear them also. I am sure with all these advantages and security issues around, a mother can be sure and satisfied.